The Agency Girl - Part II

to face her she spoke again. “Facing the wall,” she snapped. “Sorry Miss,” he said as he turned around. Sal moved quickly behind him and grabbed one of his wrists and snapped the cuff around it. Moments later his other wrist was cuffed as well. Bill felt quite nervous as his incapacity to struggle began to sink in. “You did buy four lengths of

Tony - Part III - What a Morning

room and stand in the corner. NOW!" She let go of my face, giving me another quick smack across the same cheek. Without a word I slowly turned and waddled back into my room, my mind racing over the spanking to come. Kara had becoming more and more dominant the last couple weeks. Ever since the PS3 incident, it seemed like she made it her life


snake traveled up her pussy and squeezed into her uterus. Jen broke the kiss and Ayumi slid slowly down the wall to slump down on the floor. Jen left her there and went to her next class.* * * Jen was in the bathroom checking her makeup when another girl, that she didn't know came in and entered one of the stalls. Jen turned around and released

The Bestiality Whore - Part 1: The Virgin

said one of the goons as soon as the door was open. “Put this on.”He handed me a skimpy cocktail dress and a pair of stilettos. I had purchased the dress on sale a few months ago and had been waiting for a special occasion to christen it. This was not what I had in mind, but it didn’t seem like I had much of a choice.“What about underwear?” I

The Interview

that one of the girls stood behind had made her way in front and between Leah’s legs. Leah groaned loudly as her hot breath approached her soaked pussy. She gently pushed her wet panties to one side and plunged her tongue into leah’s pussy. Leah jerked her head back as she came over the girl’s face, juice squirting out of her. Leah stared at the


to time. A flash of lace now and again, a breast resting snugly against his arm as she poured him another glass of wine, a little parting of the lips and quick swish of the tongue as they said goodnight following visits. Truth be told, these had been more for herself than to titillate David. That he may have been frustrated by these events had

The Arrogance of Youth

and stuck her tongue in my mouth by way of encouragement, "don’t want to be antisocial," she said.I had dreaded that outcome, but tried to roll with the punches. While earlier Laura had dropped every hint but throw herself to the ground with her legs in the air, she now seemed to be calming down a bit and I was starting to see flashes of

A bad day gets worse

by my opinion.“That didn't answer my question.” I answered in that same calm cold voice, “That was strike 1. Do not get to 3. but I will answer your question. What I am going to do to you is a collection of a lot of things that I have wanted to do to you but have never been allowed to do. Now, answer my question, who is this?” The last part I

The Retreat Ch. 07

the contractions finally faded away. Through it all, their gazes remained locked. Nick knew he didn’t want to be without her ever again. He didn’t know whether he could trust her. He didn’t know whether she would ever love him the way he did her. Even with those doubts, he wanted her in his life, every day. He started to withdraw so they could

The Casting Couch

by 9." He said, he was doing a good job of convincing me. I was still very aroused from our make out session, I didn't care about my inhibitions. I rolled my head around my shoulders, the price of being famous was giving up some of my pride. "Okay," I said meekly. I kept telling myself it would be worth it. Paul gave me a grin and called the

the one I met on the internet part 3

a leering smile on his face, the man tentavily reached over and started to fondle Linda's breasts, George was pumping Linda harder and harder with his cock, Linda was moaning with her approaching orgasm and the mans caresses of her tits was making her ride George's cock deeper and deeper until he could feel his balls banging against her body.

Getting Retribution

be an incredible flirt with all the ladies. However, if a girl was to actually accept my advances, I would wittingly get myself out of the situation and run home to the wife. After catching my wife Jennifer fucking her coworker, I gave her my blessing to fuck anyone she wanted to. Since then, our marital situation has changed dramatically. We

Needing you part 5

him so much. He didn't want the young man to think he was crazy, or scare him off, so he just shook his head. "I don't know. You're different. I want to get to know you better. Playing with you was fun. If we can do that too, so that you learn what you need and how to protect yourself when you play with someone else, I'll be happy."A pink flush

Suzy Unleashed Chapter 4

gulped and looked at my grinning wife. “Ron says I’ve convinced him to come over and fuck my mouth.”While Kathy clapped her hands gleefully, Ron ordered, “Now tell her how excited you are that you’re going to get to swallow my cum and thank her for letting you be such a whore.”“He, he says he’s going to let me swallow his cum!” I gasped.

Libby's Night Time Adventures I

she moved her finger in and out slowly, still slowly circling libby's clit. Libby didn't know what was happening to her body, it was like a volcano, her body was shaking, everything was on fire, she felt stiff and needing to explode. Tiffany knew from some experience that Libby was about to cum but she had to suck on Libby huge clit before she

flat on the hiway to fun

offers to show you the house. there no surprises await as you are quickly lead to the bedroom, with its strong masculine look and there he finds your nipples to pinch, nibble and suck. your neck recieves kisses while he unbuttons your jeans and skillfully slips them off. now you are open to his caresses and kisses over all of your body. as

Hospital orderly

a ball. Then I felt it first! A jet that shot right into the middle of my throat, almost making me need to cough. I was determined not to lose contact with his cock for even one second, so I swallowed both the urge to cough as well as his cum! Then he continued to shoot, this time not quite so hard and far, and my mouth was filled with his thick

The Guy Next Door – Chapter 3

discussion and Jane blurted out how the sexual side of their relationship was non-existent, knowing that her husband would ignore her pleas.Bill looked at her sternly. “So you want to get fucked do you…” he said, “Right, well your fucking going to get fucked then!”Jane stared at him, eyes and mouth wide open as she couldn’t believe what he had

Behind the bushes

and played with them as he grabbed my hair and forced my mouth down on his member this turned me on once again as he continued to force my mouth down on him as far as I could as I gaged over and over again I could feel him getting closer as his breathing started to get faster and then he pulled his member out of my mouth and began to cum he

Educating Marri Ch. 06

was standing there with an average-looking man. She waved to me and I joined them. ‘Marri, this is Peter, your client for the evening.’ ‘Hello, Marri,’ he said, looking me over. ‘Hi,’ I said, trying to figure out why his name sounded so familiar. I decided not to worry about it. Peter was common enough. ‘Well, have a good night,’ she said, and

The Promotion

and nipple pinch to each of my tits looking straight at Eric.     Eric just slid into his side of the booth watching David fondle me saying nothing and looking kind of timid not knowing what to do or say.David spoke up and said. “Eric, I really like Niley’s tits, you’re a lucky guy.” Eric then brought up work conversation again and David played

To Weed Or Not To Weed

were getting their house painted. I knew that I had some work to do, so that maybe they would paint our house too. That might require a lot of sex for payment. I just giggled and knew that after my swim, I'd have to go and talk to the men up the street. I went upstairs to take a shower. I was pretty happy with myself. I kind of felt like a whore,

Pictures - Just For You!

posting any pictures of myself on my profile page, just because I didn’t want to. I like the thought of being anonymous, mysterious if you like, hence the profile picture of a dark character. I have nothing to hide, I mean I’m not hideous or anything like that, just a normal bloke. You could say I never considered striking up a conversation with

The Sexy Little Princess Needs a Frog

my smile with a sexy one of his own and is pulling on the chains beneath my hands, meeting my strokes by powering his lovely tool in and out of my steamy cunt. I can feel my juices flow out of me out onto him. I can smell them. That’s all it takes for both of us to fly over the edge, enjoying a mutual cum-fest that concludes with deep throating

Jenny’s Summer Ch. 05

when she thought about that. Steve? Who was just thrusting into Erin like she was made of rubber? On the other hand, Kevin had just assured her that he would certainly be gentler with her. But having to ask him? ‘Will you ask him?’ she whispered. ‘What, me?’ Kevin seemed surprised. ‘No way. If you really want him, you gotta do that yourself.’

The Dance of Sex

goes my name is Tom, I am 17 and I am in the sixth form at an all boys School, I am very bright at least that what my teacher tell me. My mates think I am a nerd, they also think I am a virgin that hurts even though it was true up to about a week ago. I do like girls and in fact have a big crush on Emma Watson. I am really looking forward to the

Gift of the Old Ch. 4

Suddenly a scream pierced the silence, coming from the house, specifically the living room. Running back in, he saw the women all spreading their legs and using their hands to caress their stomachs, and wildly rubbing their pussies. Credo looked at them, trying to figure out what was making them suddenly so active, when he noticed a slight

A Month Of Triple Penetration

I had passed bigger turds than my cock too. So I said, “I’m ready to do it if you are. Where did Mom get that stuff?”Just then Mom tossed a tube at us from the doorway. It read K-Y Jelly. I put some on my finger and stuck it Betsey’s asshole. She seemed to enjoy it so I slipped in another finger. Betsey told me to stop fooling around and put it

Sister Quickie

We were siblings! This wouldn’t go over right with our friends at school; even worse, if Dad caught us… “What if we get caught?” I asked. “So you want to see it then?” she teased. “Yah,” I replied. “I would.” I heard her move below me. “Dad’s passed out; he’s been drinking all evening.” I hesitated. “Can I come up?” she asked. My mouth went dry.

An Eventful Weekend

normally when I got there, some one would take up two seats or move one out the room, they all knew that I had no problem sitting on a lap, or on the floor between their legs so I could use a lap as a pillow. I would usually cosy up to James and make puppy dog eyes at Chris, making sure that if I were wearing a skirt it was well hitched up, and

My real life story Part-3

of her. I was feeling shy after coming to senses. While wearing knickers I was thinking what ever happened in the living room. Dont know what happened I got another hard on again. Uma aunty told that she was going to washroom and locked her door from inside. She went to take bath. I was sitting in the living room thinking what to do with that

An Immortal Man’s Tale

I found at the school. When I came along in 1999, Samson College only had four thousand students. And they suffered from a severe gender imbalance. Sixty eight percent of the student body was female. Sounds good if you’re having a party but not so much if you’re a student of the male persuasion. The varsity sports teams also reflected that.

Miles High - Part II

exclaims. “What?” I ask, looking to see what he is speaking of. In the darkness I can see that the tip of his condom is torn! “WHAT HAPPENED?” I answer frightened. He looks into my eyes, “It tore.” Furious I state, “I KNEW THIS WAS WRONG! WE NEVER SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS!” “Just calm down. We’ll get through this.” Anger seethes within me as we

Maxs Lingerie Parties Ltd. – Chapter One

his latest harebrained scheme. “So the bankruptcy of my clothing boutique was finalized this week,” says Max casually taking a bite of steak. Your wife furrows her brow in sympathy. “Oh, I’m sorry Max. That must be very discouraging.” “Don’t humor him, Erin,” laughs his wife, Jenny. “He’s got plenty more where that came from.” Max smiles at his

One good hand

not for long. She opened her mouth over mind and I instinctively opened my mouth to accept her tongue covered and dripping with my cum. I felt some of the cum drip onto my chin and lips as she pulled away. Quick get dressed. We hurriedly got dressed, except for her panties which I put into my pocket. Robin just smiled at me and pulled her shorts

Clean but Crude Ch. 05

I want to ask you.’ We walked to the sofa and I invited her to have a seat. She sat in the middle so I’d either have to sit right next to her or sit in a chair. I opted for the chair to keep some space between us. ‘Beth, I’m amazed at how well you cleaned everything! How is it that a sexy girl like you is cleaning houses for a living?’ ‘Well,

Summer Fun Chapter 1

sure how to handle them, but I liked the sensations he was causing in my mouth and crotch. I kissed him back and began rubbing on his trunks also, discovering his cock was just as hard as mine and it twitched when I touched it. I gave it a squeeze, moved into his embrace a bit more and we stayed lip locked for what seemed forever. We were both

Rob's Girls 2

happened, Jesse?” Jill asked. “What did Daddy do?” “He raped her, Jill. He raped her in the ass. I can still hear her screams, and her begging him to stop in my dreams, sometimes.” “Jesse, no more, please!” Lisa wailed. “Please don’t say anything else!” “I have to, Mom.” she said. “My father was a drunk, a fucking drunken rapist, and

Lesbian Experience

and no man to be seen anywhere lol. We kissed as she laid next to me on the bed with her hand between my legs before she entered me with her fingers. She knew exactly what buttons to press on me and I was on cloud nine by then! I was writhing all over when she brought her hand upto my mouth and pushed her wet fingers into it. That was something I

President Milford's Slave Part 4

as he could, then lifted her arms above her head and yanked her arms above her head as he force-fucked her mouth. Scarlett gagged and chocked as the fat man violently rammed himself ball-deep in and out of her throat. Her tits bounced with each violent thrust of his cock. Drool ran out of her mouth and collected on her tits. It hurt and each

Mourning Sex 2

can keep going like this. Your nipples are getting very hard and I want to stop and tease them instead." "No, don't stop!" she commanded. Her hands shot to her breasts to cover her nipples. She gasped as she felt how hard they were. A nearly pained look spread across her face. Her eyes bored into mine as she slowly pinched her nipples and started

Beginnings of a sissy

night with my snack. I got up and looked at myself again in the mirror. I had stains all over my face and on my stomach. Tiffany’s panties were still damp on my hips, clinging to my skin. My pigtails were all askew, lipgloss mixed with cum still lightened my lips. I put on my robe, covering up my slutiness, and a beani over my pigtails. It

Going (On My) Back to School

She hadnt realized it, but her nipples were hard and rubbing against her bra now, turning her on even more. Oh! she moaned and pulled on her shirt and pulled it up. He released her breasts to give her room as she quickly pulled it over her head and tossed it away, leaving her only wearing her bright pink bra on her upper half. Mike went back to

Its The Small Things That Count: Part 3

time and it was six am. I can’t remember the last time I was up this early. I turned over and saw Rachel was still sleeping. She looked so innocent just like an angel.I decided to get up, trying not to wake her. I really didn’t know what to do this early so I decided to do my workout now before I got ‘distracted’ again. I just put on a shirt and

What Happens in Vegas, Part 3

stretched and walked towards the bathroom. Brian woke up slowly peering towards bathroom, he could scantly make out Katie’s body movements. His mouth was dry and he stood up walking towards the bathroom, stopping to admire Katie leaning over the bathroom sink, her cute butt sticking out as she flicked her left eyelid trying to get an eyelash out.

Magical Girl Sex Kitten

knew she was their only hope.With a gesture the other men let her free. She kept up the fake sobs as she spoke. "Well I think you were going to use my mommy’s body for something naughty," as she spoke she pulled her arms from her dress. "So I figure if you don't hurt my mommy, you could do those dirty things to me." With that she tugged down her

Jealous Of Your Phone

of your mates' envy if they found out you were playing pleasurably illicit games with a budding slut like me. Does the very idea of rousing their jealousy, inflate you even more?Perhaps ambient volume is too faint to be heard over your answering gasps. You coccoon in ear buds.I'm looking at your bare, hard cock.You know I have to be quiet,


don’t leave.”“What’s up?”“I need help.”“Jeff, I thought you were having a precious private moment.”“I’m very sad too.”“About what?”“I need to be able to jerk off so I can ask Maria out.”“I think I missed something there. Is this her request?”“No, it’s something I gotta do for me. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. Can you help?”“There’s nothing wrong with

First Time With Crossdressers

in a whole new way. Perhaps there were other kinky things out there that I had dismissed, but may actually love. Maybe these girls were my gateway to another world."Can we do this again," I pleaded, erect and wanting more. They looked at each other for a moment, then Ali spoke up, "Can you continue to be obedient? Are you going to keep an open

Body Language, Part 3

my room.’ I looked at the daggers in her eyes. She was angry, hurt. And for the first time, she was ready to call the relationship quits. Something that I didn’t think she would ever do. I got up off the bed, accepting my fate for just a brief second, before I stopped as I turned the knob. I turned back at her. ‘Did you hear what I just said?

Girlyboy Gone Wild – Part Three

the desk for teacher Dan to spank me. Dan reached down and pulled down the back of my little white cotton panties revealing my very sexy ass. I saw how big his eyes got when he saw two of the sweetest cheeks he ever saw. He looked up at me.‘You have a nice butt on you, Courtney.’I smiled. ‘I hope I get to sit on your lap with it teacher.’I saw

The Angel Next Door

you like it here. Oh! Would you like my number in case you need anything?” This would be the test. I had to score with this girl. It was now or never. “Sure,” she seemed slightly awkward, but didn’t hesitate. Quickly I recited it to her and she repeated it, practically singing it with her angel voice. It was the only way to describe her. She was


at him. Tristan thought the guy was incredibly beautiful, especially with that square jaw. They were friend for a long time. Zach was always nice him, always help I with everything he could and always keen on listening to whatever Tristan had to say. Zach could finally take a good look at Tristan, he loved looking at him. The boy had a really

Ann Goes to Harpers Ferry

but truckers, sitting high in their semi cabs, could look right down to the river bed.   They were honking and waving as I ate Ann while she leaned over the rock.   We both waved back.   I returned to my meal at hand and continued to eat Ann’s sweet pussy.   Then I aimed my tongue at her asshole.   Ann’s anus is EXTREMELY erogenous and very

Always and Forever Chap. 4

to the garage.“This is my car,” EJ said as we stood next to a black Mercedes Benz S500.“Nice,” I said as he opened the passenger side door for me.“Thanks.”As we were riding, EJ showed me where stuff was.When we arrived at the drug store, we got what we needed and left.“I'm going to get birth control, tomorrow,” I told him when we were in the

A black cock for mom

after the wedding, she thought her sexual exploration period was over. Kate got the itch for something new and exotic from the internet. She read forum boards about infidelity and chatted online via webcam with strange men whenever her family wasnt home, but it was difficult to push herself over the cheating edge. There were many men at her bank

The Italian Sugar Daddy…..Afternoon Delight

request for our second adventure. Since the first meeting, we have text, emailed and even spoke on the phone. He told me of how precious I was to him, of how he had never met someone like me as far as a lover was concerned. I too enjoy him, everything about him. I loved talking to him, we have so much in common. He was the perfect size all over

Home For Christmas!

for the Christmas break all I could think about was my first few months away from home, away from the dominance of mother and how I’d changed. Grown up was more like how I felt as a woman, not only losing my virginity but also the pleasure I’d discovered with my Jennifer. Now I was in for about eleven days of boredom, or so I thought at the time.

The Week at the Beach: Day 1

and she just kneeled there letting it all flow in swallowing it little by little as her mouth got to full. When all the cum was out of my cock she sat just tasting it for awhile then swallowed it. She continued sucking trying to get every little bit out. After she realized there was no more to come out she sat back on her legs and smiled at me

Shabby Sean

he stammered, over and over.I went totally ballistic as my mouth moved up and down savouring his delicious man-stink. Later, when my head moved across his chest, no further instruction was required as his right armpit was presented to me. The second helping of stench was as delectable as the first, and as I again feasted Sean continued to growl

In The Beginning Chapters 5,6 & 7

Mike can hear the rumor mill starting up before they get out of sight.Supper is uneventful except they once again lose Mary Anne to her tennis pals. They both feel that they sort of expected it. She is gravitating more and more to that crowd.She joins them later in Mike's room but says she only came to get some stuff from her room. She just

Mummy’s true passion, book two: pregnancy days – chapter six

knew who was who in the story again. It felt family and like being wrapped in a patina of warm heat of love and total trust.As if her body had pulled its powers back to attack a second time to strike me down the second wave hit my innermost with almost the same intensity the first had. This time the sweetness was less and the bitterness was more

Arthur vs. Ch. 01

found nothing, then Hook thought of something. The ranger left the room. The two handymen leaned on their shovels and waited for the boss to return. They had the same shade of dark brown hair cut short and parted the same way, they talked alike, did the same maintenance job, it was hard for Arthur to keep them straight. They were about Arthur’s

The Sales Lady

her masterbating. I murmured, ‘Oh, excuse me.’ and headed back to my office. With a lot of trouble I got back to work. A few minutes later, there was a knock on my door. It opened and Mrs. M. came in. Her face was red and she had trouble looking me in the eye. She said she wanted to apologize for what I saw her doing. I told her not to be

In Flight Service

too embarrassed to admit it to her.She smiled again, again not needing my confession, and looked over her shoulder, to make sure no one was obviously awake and paying us any attention, before quickly undoing the top two buttons on her shirt. It was still pressed tightly closed, I couldn’t see anything extra, but just the thought of those two

Seduced By Mom

sister getfucked by her boyfriends big black cock was enough to make me peek my head infor a look. The room was empty and the noise was clearly coming from anotherbedroom. When it dawned on my it was my parents fucking each other's brains outI was shocked. My parents were both in their mid 40's and My mom was inreally good shape for her age.

Snuff Girl

blanket was becoming red from the blood. The other one, started to yell to Laura, to lick her faster and harder, naming her with obscenities and she was moaning like if her words were having a sort of effect. Both of the women were at the verge of their excitement and, when the woman sited on Laura’s face, started to shake, the other woman,

A Little Fijian Gang Bang. Chap 4.

us back, he mentioned that both the boys from the bar the other night were on the dive boat, “Did you recognize them?”“No!” I exclaimed.“It’s alright, I have told them to keep away from you and not let the driver have an inkling that the rumours could be true, as I’m not sure if he has heard them, but guess he has.”After Sue had finished her

Under The Vampire's Control

reaches underneath your shorts and panties, rubbing the outside of your pussy. "It's cold, please stop. I don't like that" "Stop protesting!" He sticks two fingers inside you, you can't help but feel wet. "Why?" you think to yourself. "I don't like this, why does my body betray me like this?!""No please!" you try to kick him, but he stops

Withering Rose

body was. Her face didn’t interest him as much as the full breast that bounce with each step she took, or the plump rear at her behind. “Rose, Rose, Rose…” He said shaking his head. “I cannot help you there, you already took two advancements. It wouldn’t be fair to the other girls if I just let you have the money whenever you want.” He said with

My first table dance

nineteen! Yikes! This girl was beautiful and very firm! I touched a little of her skin and it was very soft. The next song started and she stood up to dance. She started with the normal moves, then took off her bra. She had luscious breasts. I sort of wanted to touch them but didn't know the policy so I just let her rub them in my face which was

Learning the Lifestyle Part 2.5

hosiery isle and there she picked up some stockings, while she was looking Michael was too. He placed some really sexy ones in the cart, the kind with lines up the back and bows and stones on them. She asked if he thought she should wear them to school. He told her that she should and that he hoped she actually would. They finished in the

A young teacher has an accident and her students help her.

and then spread her nether lips open. After they had done this Alyssa slid her fingers into the teacher spreading her wider and pushing her hands deeper and deeper into her. The teacher , Ms. Amber Bridger felt an orgasm spear up and overtake her and as she shuddered through it Alyssa shoved her whole hand into Amber’s cunt making a fist she

A Millionaire Lifestyle

adds a much needed thrill to my boring daily existence as a bank teller. Flirting with the customers and getting extra smiles and winks just simply makes for a better day.Today I went for it. I love shopping and had recently found an incredibly sheer off white blouse. My red strapless bra with the black lacy bottom looked amazing under it. I

A Twin Thing

matter they said lube or lotion and we have lotion in our bathroom. I’ll grab it and then we can try anal sex.” Nate said with a giggle. Nate got up and walked to the bathroom door. Nick watched his brother’s ass as he walked and right below that was his tight ball sack. Nick was so turned on he was trying so hard not to jerk his boner off. Nate

Sallys Holiday – Part 3

was different, it was in Sally’s mouth, she was doing exactly as she had to Roy.She removed me from her mouth long enough to say ‘Good morning my horny cuckold, fancy another episode of my holiday tales?’I told her that I was as she returned to sucking my cock. She sucked me for a while then moved up the bed. Straddling me, she began to massage

Wife gets carried away at a photo shoot and fucks the photographer

damp pussy to the camera while Jackstuck his entire horse-cock deep into her open cunt!She probably hadn’t even needed to simulate her moansor shut her eyes with Martha licking her nipples andkissing her. Her expression would have been of purebliss. They had probably changed position frequently sothat she could be photographed being fucked

My days in Thailand, Chapter 3

I swore. She didn’t understand English. I simply took her by hair and pushed her face into Sora’s ass. She immediately started to lick her tight hole, and I could see her pink tongue slipping inside. I stripped, and other two girls stripped to, and started to lisc and suck my cock, and my balls. I moaned softly, and threw asslicking whore away

Scared Sara Ch. 03

When I came out of the bathroom, Lucien was leaning against the wall outside. “Done?” he asked, scooping me in his arms and carried me to my room. “You’re really going to carry me about?” I asked wonderingly. “I thought you were joking.” “I’d never joke about taking care of you Sara. I’m going to do everything I can to keep you safe from harm.” I

A Slaves Fate

pain, but in realization that her torments were turning to hot pleasure. She shifted her body slightly, almost imperceptibly, until her thighs began to part for me. When my fingers traced between them and began tickling the flower of her femininity, her thighs spread more and she rolled her hips toward my fingers. "You have a magnificent touch,

Waking Up With You

a moment how good you’re making me feel. I want us to cum together. Please. I need you to cum for me. Every time I push my own away, control my breathing and my pussy, it drives me crazy. Makes me want to scream for how much I need you.Finally, I feel you starting to cum. As you pull me against you, you bite deep into my shoulder. I finally can’t

Like a Hero

"Fuck them," I said. "I want to stay here with you." "Now, now," she scolded. "There will be plenty of time for that. Right now, you need to go back downstairs and give them what the hero they want." "I'm not a hero," I said, "I just swim faster than most people." "Don't contradict your Governor," she said. "It's not polite. Besides, you are a

Bus Rider Ch. 02

if it was the act, the location or the fact that she was lovely that helped, but I was hard in no time. She grinned at me and with her free hand pulled a condom from her purse. A soft little movement up to her lips and the foil wrapping was ripped as she bit down on it to hold it and tore it with her fingers as the foil fluttered from her teeth

Connie and Hyde

hair as she spoke. Ignoring the head shaking and the protests coming back at her Connie smiled and added. “I think you do. I think you want Hyde to screw you some more sugar and don’t worry I’ll help you come.” She rested a hand on Lucy’s stomach just in case, but she made no further attempt to get up and once more they kissed. Connie’s other

The Hotel - Part 2

taste of her pee unpleasant and lingered as she licked her puckered anus clean. As she parted her buttocks her moist vulva peeled open and Jessica used the tip of her tongue until Catherine spent. Jessica dressed Catherine’s wounded bottom, kissed the back of her head and left her to sleep. Miles was surprised to see Catherine up and about so

My Exceptional Desire

smile, bringing my legs down to the ground again. "You haven't seen anything yet baby..." I tell you. I bring myself together and kneel in front of you, quickly unzipping your pants. I lick the crotch before removing it, causing you to groan in hunger once again. I excite you more by bringing your pants down to the ground as well as your plaid


Fun It has been another cold and snowy day as I walk into the Pub.  As I enter the bar I see the most awesome sight of my life.  She is sitting at the bar sipping on her drink and I smile at her as I walk past her to the other end of the bar.  She smiles back at me and returns to her drink.  I pull up a stool at the end of the bar and order a

Getting Married Tomorrow – Chapter 1

NZ. Fridays after work I usually played squash with a mate from my rugby team, and then we headed to the Grenadier Arms, where we would grab a burger or something for dinner and have a few beers with our friends.  This Friday night there were about a dozen of us girls and guys sitting around a table in the bar. The bar was moderately full, as it

A Beginning

My breasts glistening with my own juices, sitting waiting for him to do with me as he wished. I had to admit it, I was jealous. I wanted him to see me and be so irrevocably turned on by me that he would have to have me, right there and then. That was the effect I had on other men. I could walk into a room, pick the man I wanted, smile and he

Danny and Jenny chapter five

fine Danny, but what a bloody stupid place to stop for a picnic."I vaguely remember hearing a medic telling me he was going to cut my jacket off, then I felt the proverbial little prick in my arm and I went to sleep.The next thing I remember was waking up I a room that I didn't recognise and wondering why all these bloody people were walking

I like IT... IT Makes Me Feel Dirty in a Good Way

Jason thought for a moment and then said:“Keep reading . . . but promise me you will do exactly what the story says,” he stated in a matter of fact way. Lily nodded her head but was suddenly worried what she might be made to do.(LILY’S Part) “Rub that juice at the top of my cock all over the head. Carly slipped her finger over the tip of his

Afternoon Delights

out a few times, then blow their loads very quickly. I thought it must be an age thing. Mum must be cumming quickly because she's old, forty-four.Mum’s hair was tied up in a ponytail; it swung from side to side as her head moved around. Kev banged away and slapped her again and said, “Come on, bitch, cum for me again.” I had my hand down my

Dirty little secret

Come for me again now.” With him saying that, I came with no problem. He felt so good inside. I thought this would never happen. I been dreaming of this but I never wanted it to be like this. He was thrusting faster and harder. I can feel his head swelling. “OH MY GOSH!!!! I AM GOING TO COME!!!! I AM COMING!!!! AHHHH...MMMMMMM...AHHHH..OH GOD

Coffee Break

my little car into the parking space, I checked my makeup in the mirror one last time.  I looked like a slut today, but I knew that was what you would have wanted.  I was wearing those ass hugging jeans that you loved because they cupped my cheeks to perfection.  I had paired them with my favorite knee high boots with 4 inch heels and a glittery

Becoming Submissive Chapters 1-6

I knew I had to have no panties on when Brent saw me, the g-string would be easy enough to slide off in the car and back on as I left. I grabbed my uniform for work and shoved it in my bag. I had to leave soon so I could be at Brents before he got there. I headed for the door and heard Have fun from my moms room. WHATEVER! I shouted back. I would

Half Term Week with Auntie Beryl

to think that her daughter Kate and I might get on a bit better. We had never seen eye to eye but being punished together I thought had maybe changed things between us. When my parents suggested I spend a week with Auntie again I agreed. Although being punished in front of others was embarrassing I had started to enjoy the sensations more and

Foster care 2 – Girls day out – spa day

and neck. She was very skilled at what she was doing and I soon relaxed. It felt so, so good. She massaged every inch of my back and deep into my skin and muscles. I dont think any other person had ever made me feel this good. She even massaged my arms and hands before covering me back up to my neck. She then went down to the end of the table

The Massage - 2

I could smell the girls’ arousals. Mike and I had pre-cum glistening around our cock heads. We all were more than ready for it. I want so much to be fucked said Sarah. Mike bent his mouth to her pussy and started to eat her. She groaned and opened up her legs for him. I could see his tongue busy in her. Mike, said Laura, I want to eat her too.


do you chat to?’ ‘I’m as bad as you are, Reginald. My hobby is sewing. I make most of my own clothes, make clothes for my young nephews and nieces and spend most of my free time in my workroom when I’m not going for long walks in the countryside, alone. In the winter, I just sew.’ ‘We are a boring pair, aren’t we?’ Hermione looked at Reginald.

Turned on by My Readers!

when I stood to walk out. I looked down at my soaked panties and decided to improvise a solution. I spread my legs apart and slowly pushed my wet thong up into my cunt. Pushing a small bunch of fabric at a time, it only took about ten seconds to get it completely inside my freshly relieved pussy. I left a small bit of the thong’s thin side band

I Knocked Up the Prom Queen

small town, a thousand miles away, and I didn’t think we had ever spoken. She was the most beautiful and popular girl in high school, the homecoming and prom queen her senior year. I was a popular athlete, but only a lowly freshman. When I began college, in 1966, I was surprised to see her on campus. I didn’t know she was a student there, too. I

Smithfield Don, You’re History

Oh look, Jimmy’s gone to sleep.’ ‘He knows he’s safe with me Annie. I really must do something with your hair and get you into more stylish clothes.’ They heard a farm ATV arrive. Annie said, ‘That will be Tom, he knows you are coming today.’ A guy with dark hair and brown eyes, looking a bit like someone Amelia remembered burst into the room,

France Vacation

against her. Both of us lay blissfully naked and pressed against each other. My hand holding her close to me, gently cupping a breast. My cock half hard and pressed against her ass. I inhaled deeply and enjoyed the scent of her hair. I fell asleep peacefully, knowing this vacation was going to be incredible. I awoke the next morning to sun

Lucky Josh part 10

hard and be honest, he’ll expect you to curb his enthusiasm from time to time and don’t be afraid to say that you don’t know.”The scent of freshly ground beans accompanied the noise of the grinder as Josh activated the coffeemaker.Placing a mug, Josh made his regular coffee, one for each.Giving the first to Vanessa she sipped the hot brew and

From Duchess to Concubine Ch. 02

he will be compelled to wander the countryside wearing a dress. I will knock his teeth out and force him to suck off my officers. Oh the years until his trial by my son will be a glorious hell for him.’ Mona gasped. ‘You are every inch the beast Rickard said you are!’ ‘Mona, as your own body has let you know when we made love that I am also a man

I Just Wanted to Read My Book - Honest!

up the length of her body, licking and kissing a path up her spine, his lips eventually coming to rest on the base of her neck. He brushed his lips softly against the sensitive skin and Savannah intuitively raised her hips off the bed, pressing her ass against his crotch. Oh yes, hard indeed. “You're very naughty,” Mason whispered huskily, moving

mom's weekly massage

and again please fuck me again and I started off slowly and built up speed until I stopped, rolled her over and fucked her face to face taking her legs up as high as they could so I could go as deep as I could too.I came inside her pussy three times before rolling off her, twice face to face and once doggy style and she was panting as hard as I

Jenna Teaches Girls Sex Ed

replied, "Uh, his name is Tommy, Tommy Heath!" "You indicated that you enjoy sucking Tommy's penis," Jenna said casually, "can you tell us how you feel when his erection is in your mouth?" With her face turning six shades of red, Alicia stammered, "I-I feel all gooey inside, you know, down in my vagina, and after a sucking him awhile I'd do just

A Family Affair: PART TWO: Behind Closed Doors

not with a flesh and blood cock. It occurred to me that she had lost count of the number of dildo penetrations she had had. After a few minutes I asked her to get on top of me so that I could spank her arse as she rode me. There was a mirror at the foot of the bed in which I could see her reddened bottom bouncing on top of me and watch myself

Extra classes

me, I want to taste your seed. I will have it all. Moreover, we don’t want to make a mess here, right?”I nodded in agreement and started firing my cum into her mouth. I had shot 6 rounds of cum and she swallowed it all without letting even a drop of my semen to be wasted. I had barely zipped up when there was a knock at the door. We had already

The Hotel worker

and loved it as I squirmed beneath him. ‘Patience, we have all night, there’s no need to rush.’ He began pressing kisses against my skin which felt flushed and hot and moved down where his tongued dipped into my belly button and then moved over to nip at my hip, before he paused and I felt his breath right over my clit. ‘You know I can see how

Waiter holiday that was……………

I was so turned on by this fit Spanish waiter forcing his tongue down my throat. His hand was now wandering up my very short skirt. He got to my thighs and then my now wet panties, he pulled them to the side and inserted two fingers quite f***efully and nearly came there and then. He was now pulling my top up and sucking my nipples. I heard him

Guardian Angel Ch. 04

probably last a while, and he advised that maybe the best thing to do would be to let the Angels go, either sending them back to Italy or at least to a different museum. She had told Frank that she’d think about it, but she knew that the answer was no. She had worked too hard to give the sculptures up so easily, and she was determined to become a

Mia - Chapter 3: The Challenge

at him. I wonder if I walk a bit slower he’d notice that I’m trying to take as long as possible. “So...” they both started again. “You first this time,” Mia allowed. “I was just going to ask you how you’re finding it so far away from home. Is Massachusetts what you expected it to be?” “I was thinking about it tonight actually. It’s great being

Capturing Anya

stopping every now and then to listen for the sounds of pop music. The small Ford struggled up the hills and wallowed sickeningly around the curves as they hurtled down again so when Lenny spotted a Jaguar parked on the drive of an isolated farm house near the roadside, he decided they should ‘Borrow’ it and leave the Ford. They parked the Ford

A Promise Kept Ch. 04

while, I thought I lost my soul in that shitty fucking country.’ ‘You’re right, and I’m sorry, Dad,’ I regretfully replied, ‘It’s just that… here lately, I feel like the walls are closing in on me.’ ‘Yeah,’ Dad said nonplussed, ‘And going to talk to the Reed family and disclosing classified information wouldn’t have anything to do with how you’re

The Dawn of a New Eve

like nothing else she has done. I imagined this brave woman with her bald pate shinning in the sun wresting with the surf for one more ride. I could almost see the smile on her face and the thrill in her eyes. She has had her teeth repaired and of course goes to the dog park a few times a week. She has joined a support group as a councilor for

Boardroom Dreams

before it stood to attention. She rewarded herself with a smile as she noticed his sleek heavy balls waiting patiently to be unloaded all over her. Melissa reached behind her and unzipped her dress. She pushed it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. In one smooth motion she climbed onto the table; her white body contrasting heavily

Pool Time Part two

added that he’d done a search on Mapquest since his place was an hour from theirs.After sending the email, John went in to check on Kandy’s progress. When he approached the bedroom he heard a familiar buzzing sound. He chuckled at the sight he saw, she was sitting naked on the bed using her pink gel vibrator on her pussy.John unzipped his pants

Jessica Part 8 the Blue Bird Story

just knelt behind the Bird and started licking the juice right from the source.We gave them a few minutes, but it was obvious the guys wanted their turn. John, Joan’s husband had drawn number one, and he was standing behind the Bird, waiting patiently and stroking his erection. He had a nice cock, about six inches in length, but fairly thick,

The Learning Curve Ch. 02

to you. How about with my tongue first?’ She let out a gasp and started to moan just hearing me tell her this and when my tongue started to lick it’s way down from her stomach I thought she would go off right away again. As I began to lick and suck, she started getting vocal telling me how much she liked it and then at the last just moaning, ‘Oh

RedTails : A Night Out, A Night In - Chapter 9

will be focused solely on paddling your butt, I may easily lose count. Therefore, I charge you to maintain the counting and to call out each swat applied to your bottom. You will count out the thirty five first, and after your price is fulfilled, you will start the count over again for the thousand. Are these instructions clear, my pet?"Hansen

The Early Morning Rain

and the soft warmth of her skin beneath her fingertips awakened a wetness that began deep inside her. She ran her fingertips over her breasts, stopping at the nipples to rub and pinch them and coax them awake beneath her touch. She rolled over onto her back and began to squeeze her breasts. Gently kneading them and enjoying the fullness and the

Lunch with Ms. Reebek

be important to your career so I will arrange for you to work with her. Make sure you make a good impression.””Of course,” I replied. “I promised to never let you down.”The elevator stopped and we walked down the hallway toward Carol’s desk. Carol gave a bright smile as we passed by and I saw the women give each other a wink. We entered Andrea’s


your women, I would appreciate it if you would detune that and then whatever hold you would have on me would be interpersonally developed. Could you do that for me?”“Yes, I think that I can. And if things work out, will too.”“I can live with that.”And with that, she led him to his bedroom and doffed her clothing down to her bra and panties and

The Penis Chronicles 3.2 - The Procedure and Growth Period

The biochange did leave him a little thicker; he started out at 13 cm circumference and most of his length was now about 15. No complaints there, it felt good in his hand, and more importantly, in his mouth. And speaking of that, he picked up his long hard member and bent down to kiss the end. That made him throb. It had only been about

Grace's First Time

tell he was so excited he could barely stand it and when he finally felt his cock between her sumptuous breasts with her mouth greeting the tip with wet sucking and tonguing, he exploded cumming over her hot tits and shooting streams into her luscious lips. She was surprised how easily he came but then boys came in the pants sometimes when she

A Punishment and a New Life P. 1

fell off, they exposed his old bonds underwear. Hardly caring about his pants, and in full fear for his life, Mike tried to scramble forwards, until he felt teeth close around his neck.It was when the wolf grabbed his neck by its teeth, that he finally heard and registered the peculiar cackling behind him.“I see you’ve made friends with my wolf,”

Meat Man [canibalism]

that too much, my eyes were drawn past the lovely slender Jenny, to the petite Lori. Such a tiny body, such wonderful curves, such a gorgeous face, so unbelievably hot and not a trace of reluctance. Her lithe figure and small round ass practically guaranteed a hot tight little pussy. Her catlike grace and slinky gyrations practically guaranteed

Dangerous 3

screamed at him through the gag…the loudest she had done all day. He then withdrew the dildo completely and violently plunged it into her in one go, burying all 10” deep inside her body, the tip forcing inside of her deep inside her belly. The sudden shock and pain mixed with sexual pleasure, relief, emotions screaming at her, from the tension

3D Radio

hand until I told him to quit masturbating, and then he got me undressed.   “Follow me,” I ordered and marched to the casual dining room carrying my purse, and with Robert close behind.    I climbed onto the table and spread my legs. “Eat me, Robert,” I commanded, and he pulled up a chair and started licking me.   Now Robert has always been good

Warm Fuzzy Socks

come out and build a fire, and slide in next to you on the couch. You lean over and rest against me, feeling my warmth. I sit there, admiring your concentration, and trying to keep from kissing those eyebrows knitted in determination. What a wonderful feeling! This simple act of togetherness fills me with love for the depth of our intimacy. Just

Gigi Unleased (part 2) after the poolside BBQ

crazy. I worked my way up to his chest. He pulled my butt down to enter me. I rubbed my clit over his cock and said, “Not right now., but hold it there, just hold it still.”I was going to drive him crazy with teasing before I let him fuck me. I wanted to reward him. I alternated between rubbed just the tip of my clit over his cock and my nipples

My Final Fantasy: Part IV-Reality

her tissues high up behind her clitoris teasing it with flicks. Marella’s body bucks and shudders and she cries out his name again and again, her hands frantically grabbing at anything they can grab, her eyes tightly shut, her face contorted in ecstasy. John feels Marella’s body buck once, twice and then a less violent third time, before she

Ice Cream Pussy, Part 1

down the stairs ten minutes later, making a loud thump as he landed on the floor.“Mariana, is that you?” Came the voice from inside the house.Ben froze in his tracks. Who the fuck is Mariana?“No it’s me, grandma.”No reply. He shrugged and grabbed his bag. Once outside, Ben went around the side of the shaggy house, hopped on his bicycle, and

Pictures for my husband

neatly trimmed pussy, then spread open my lips with my first and ring fingers and took another picture. As I was taking a picture, I stuck my middle finger in my wet hole and started finger fucking myself. All the while getting so hot thinking of what would happen when my husband found these pictures in his suit case at the hotel.I got my

Living out my dream

sweet folds. I believe that a woman is gentler. Her fingers are softer, not so rough,” I whispered, “I would spread her puffy lips open, revealing the flower inside. Spying the soft pink flesh, with drops of dew coating it, all I can think about is how much you I want to taste those pearly drops,” I whispered to her. As I softly talked to her, I

The Girl From Nova Scotia

times. In a moment of self-assertive bravado, she had even emailed the author telling him how she had enjoyed his tales of erotic fantasy if not aggravated sexual dysfunctionality. Imagining herself in the fictional girls dilemma, was usually sufficient to precipitate a really good nights sleep! Upon receiving a reply from the author however, she

Another day with Holly

her hair when we sat together, everything made my heart beat her name again and again. I opened the door and saw what I was hoping for. Her beautiful blonde curls bounced around as she switched from one foot to another. Her 5 foot 5 frame, and 36 C tits surrounded by perfect curves would make any man stare in disbelief that such a beautiful angel

An Ordinary Man’s Life Ch. 27

Todd had made no secret out of the matter that his girlfriends were goddesses. So he was prepared but when he opened the door and saw these identical visions of stunning beauty before his eyes he was nothing but in a state of shock for some moments. His jaw dropped down in bewilderment as he immediately compared their looks with the gorgeous

All In The Family – Part Two

nipples. Not yet anyway. When Ren had emptied his moms breasts, he could smell his moms arousal in the air, so he knew she was hugely turned on and ready to fuck. He plunged two fingers into her wet pussy, and began finger fucking her with great enthusiasm, thrusting them in and out repeatedly as he masturbated her. He greatly enjoying the wet

The Roommate Makes Three

As he fucked my pussy Dawn got busy licking my breasts, and my neck. I was moaning in pleasure as Kyle came deep inside. He pulled Dawn by her hair and forced her to lick my pussy. Dawn licked me clean, inducing an orgasm from me. She kissed my lips my lips and said that was fun and left the room when she was finished. After she left the room I

Virgin Farm part 1

totally sexy, when hers and my jeans had come down and of, we stood in our underwear, she was glancing towards my now apparent massive hard member, which was at its full length of seven inches, I blushed and took out my bathers and pulled them on, suddenly very embarrassed, when I had gotten my bathers on I turned around, knowing that she would

Dealing With his Temper Tantrums

load onto the bedspread.I pulled out and picked up the hairbrush, giving his one more smack on each ass cheek."That is for cumming on my bedspread," I told him.“Now you need to wash it.”Leaning down I kissed each ass cheek and put everything away."Hopefully this will make you think the next time, before you throw a temper tantrum, because the

Mutual Satisfaction 2

bed, the memory of what had happened in Terry's room invaded her thoughts, and it got her excited. She crawled naked under the sheets and once again directed her fingers to slowly enter her already wet pussy.She closed her eyes and recalled the feeling of him touching, kissing and then licking her breasts as she masturbated. In her mind's eye she

Phoenix Pt 2 Ch 08

handle herself so that the sexual feedback problem wouldn’t overwhelm her and cause her to go into a feeding frenzy. That was the fun part. The only exceptions to the above, were Hank and Melinda. They’d nailed each other before they ever left father’s lab. Then Elaine one-upped Béla by choosing Hank to initiate. Béla’s initiation session with


those tight, prison-like pants and suck on him like he was the cure to my deadly illness, that had only just begun to grow within me. When the bell rang, I could smell the freshly penetrated wet ground, and that same thought made me think I wish I was the ground&hellip, I wanna be dirty and wet and plowed through I giggled to myself as I closed


had to ask to be dressed by the class. After putting on her skirt and t-shirt, she was taken to hospital. It was only a minor break, but she would ahve to stay off her feet for at least two weeks, and she was given a crutch to help her movement for the meantime. Fast forward six days and Jess is staying back at home while she recovers. She only

Wednesday Nite Widows Ch. 03

about it sometimes.’ ‘Still you never figured he’d be playing with that big thing?’ Pauline tossed her head and let a guilty little giggle escape. ‘Sure, I figured all boys do that. It just never occurred to me that he might share it with his friends.’ ‘I shouldn’t tell this,’ said Ruth Eleanor, ‘but I happened on them one day in our rathskeller.

The Invisible Man Ch1

disappeared between her butt cheeks. She padded over to the other side of the bathroom, where a full length mirror hung on the wall. As she examined her reflection, Eric saw her body from the front. His eyes were immediately drawn to her cleavage, which had been one of the first things Eric had noticed about her as she had walked down the street.

Love in the Time of War Ch. 06

last daughter to marry. His Lordship enjoyed these walks with Alice as her enthusiasm helped keep him from thinking about his youngest son. ‘Isn’t that Buxton headed this way?’ Alice said pointing towards the house. Buxton hurried up to his Lordship and handed him a telegram. Lord Berwick opened it. He read it slowly as the color drained from his

Help from my Friends (A New Years Eve Parody)

bodies will fit like a glove. Gonna cum with a little help from my friendsGet some with a little help from my friends What would you do when I quiver and shake,would you turn out the light and sleep?Put your tongue here and kiss me, my dear,free your mind, you have nothing to fear. Gonna cum with a little help from my friends.Get some with a

Virgin Summer

Bella slowly lays back on her towel and I follow the contours of her body, bending over her, intoxicated, my fervent tongue not wanting to give up its exploration of those exciting engorged nipples ! Oh my – I didn’t realize girls nipples could become so deliciously perky and prominent! Finally, my dizzy head raises and my mind registers that

Taste like candy, Andy – Part one

didn’t. Andy’s café was a small library sized place. It had ceiling high glass walls and sleek cherry oak tables and black marble counters. Above the café there were 2 apartments. They were university dorm sized and they shared a bathroom, kitchen and living space. I moved in the first week I worked there, for convenience and all that. There were


he like me? All this ran through my mind as I sat there.Working temp jobs is hard but I enjoy them, they never get old or boring. I have dreamed and fantasized about the man that is going to be my boss. I felt my thighs tremble my nipples grew hard my pussy started to get wet.Lance Castwell is his name! A CEO of a marketing company he   has

Dear John --part 5 of 15

too. And he gets it Sam, he does,” she said. “He gets it that you are in tough with your disabilities, he does. But he feels that the question of fatherhood, or fatherhoods in this case, is not related to any of that.“You’ll allow, he’ll allow or not allow. I’m just some loser who has no hope of competing with his majesty. Well, fuck him and fuck

Rose's Video: Chapter 2: Lil and Rose Get Busted

was built up to this."Yes!" Kate hissed before she let her seed loose.It bolted out of her slit like a fire hydrant immediately going on full blast. Even as I had seen Rose make the same woman cum so many times before, I still found myself feeling like this was the best thing I was ever going to see.She splattered her mom's face even more than I


to catch a late bus to where Melanie lived and got to her house by about 8:00pm. I rung the doorbell and after a few moments, Melanie answered.'Hi.' She was sniffling and had bright red eyes. It was now obvious that she had been crying. She was wearing a simple pink nighty and slippers.'Are you okay?' I asked.'Not great. Do you want to come

The Knight and the Acolyte Book1, Chapter 3: The Hopless Quest

siren!” he gasped and then his cock erupted into my pussy.I savored the hot cum. I clenched down my ass, humping back into the shaft fucking my bowels. “You're next,” I winked at him. “I know you just want to unload into the velvety depths of my asshole. Just let yourself go.”“Fuck!” he snarled. “You're ass is delicious. Dammit! She's won!”His

Palomino Ch. 09

She could almost see him again in that towel, swearing as he came out of the bathroom, laying on the bed in tears as he revealed his past to her, the whites of his knuckles as he grasped the headboard. ‘Kinda? How can you kinda sleep with a man? Wait…’ she shook her head. ‘Never mind. Don’t tell me. Damn Lizzy! No wonder you can’t get him out of


to get some unexpected but well-deserved payback for the activities that Paul had brought to my attention. I had met my husband George at the company where we both worked. I was a computer technician and he was a salesman. We first met when he brought his lap-top in to be repaired. He had such a woe-be-gone look on his face as he described what

Prove It

we needed and chattering all throughout the time. The conversations seemed so normal, so casual, but also genuinely comfortable. I found myself smiling quite a bit more that day than I had in perhaps a few years.----A true friend. I finally had that. We talked on the phone a few times a week and met up at least once every week. At first, I felt

Staying with our lady friends

the tea pot and poured it for both myself and Darlene. "Well and how did you sleep" she went on. I think she was amusing herself at my embarrassment, as she went on to say she had trouble falling asleep because of the din we were creating. I felt like saying it was more like the other way around, as it was her and Florence that was making the

Scars Ch. 01

job. I hate it. I started cutting when I was twelve because of the amount of pain I saw my mom in. I could never do anything right. I was always doing something wrong in her eyes, even when I was doing everything right. I got into fights constantly and developed a reputation as someone who was distant and not to be messed with. Never once did my

The Black Book Of The Nature Boy 12

you.’ ‘Really, Wow.’ I said. ‘Follow me, I want you to fuck me right now.’ Kimberly suggested. Kimberly took my hand and led me to her apartment. She decorated her place very nicely. She had a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline, stone floors, and a fully equipped kitchen. We go to the bedroom and began making out. We were slowly undressing,

A Slut for Young Cocks

face. I have, before now, taken two or more guys. One evening at a hotel, I clocked two guys looking in my direction. It wasn’t long before we started chatting and we all decided that they would be up for pouring their spunk over my body. I booked a room, we all left the bar, and they proceeded to fuck me, one after each other, on the strict


cried as he spread her legs uncomfortably wide. He then lifted her another four feet into the air, placing his favorite training tool. The Judas cradle. He lowered her slowly, waiting until her pussy rested slightly on the very starp point. He moved to her and spread her lips, lowering her further onto it. She cried when he lowered half her

My Ex-Girlfriend Barbara

some great still images of me in action. She said that there was a particularly cute picture of me with a cock in my mouth and that she cherished that one as her greatest trophy ever. She originally told me that they were just for her amusement and that she'd never share these with anyone. But since then, she has changed her tune, and now I am

Dave and I

hair and put on my makeup. When I was finished I came downstairs to show my wife and to get her opinion. She whistled, walked around me twice."You look hot, babe. Dave will not make it through the night without tasting a piece of that." She patted me on the ass, licked her lips and went back to what she was doing. The doorbell rang. "Answer the

The DReAMers part 6 (End)

Kira and I lay together in stasis floating in a place where time and space didn't exist. In this place, neither of us had aged a day and never would as the time machine kept us alive and safe. The only thing that mattered was that we had continued to exist and were together.How many days had passed since we had been put into hibernation?Kira

The Girl Of My Dreams

dripping sweat from my face. I had been dreaming. Dreaming of a girl I had not yet met but hoped one day I would.The dream had started in a place that I imagined could have been a high school reunion, but dreams are often hazy and people social, work and family groups often cross over resulting in unusual combinations of people in sometimes


to Beth and said, “There is still one fantasy of mine that didn’t get done. I still want to fuck your ass with my 2 ½” cock. That is if you think you can take it.” Beth giggled and said, “Oh yeah, you owe me a damn good assfucking. That’s for sure.And I’m going to hold you to it. But not now, two weeks from now. The anticipation will make it

MILFs And Me

my dad home at the end of the week after Erika and I had more overnights entertaining each other to fill the void and boredom of the lonely winter nights. There is no doubt that women of a certain age, Erika's age, are hot. It was my mission to find more of them.A month after Erika and I enjoyed quality time together, my dad had a huge party with


to the stereo and put my favourite sensual CD on the player, Ancient Egypt by Ali Jihad Racy. It is gentle and ethereal, allowing one to drift. Carrie began to undress. Of all the beautiful sights in the world, watching a woman undress is the most magnificent. Each time for me is like the very first. She pulled her T-shirt over her head, tossing

Voyages of the St. Veronica Ch. 06

we did among the slaves. I was forced to watch by my father, however. He thought the skill to be a needed one by a future wife. Frequently he had me demonstrate on Sugar Cane or bananas so he was certain I knew, he then bragged of my education to likely suitors.’ ‘I like this excuse for a man less and less as days progress and your story is told,

A Girls Encounter

together all of twenty minutes and he acted like we where the UK hotshot couple.I sighed, rolling my eyes and crunching my hair with my hand. ‘Belle?!’ Kay shouted through to me from my bedroom.‘Yeah?’ I said, walking in and closing the door behind me, ‘What’s up?’ I asked.‘Just wondering where you were…’ she said, smiling. She lumped her laptop

Game Over. Game On

her succulent pussy. As my tongue slipped back into my mouth, I kissed and then sucked softly, but firmly on the delicate folds around her clit, taking her button and sucking hard on it. Kat’s thighs bucked and her pussy rode across my mouth, pulling her clit away from the grasp of my lips and tongue. She bucked again as my mouth wrestled with

Jenny, Chapter 1

tightly around the back of my thigh holding me firmly against her. The next thing I knew she was sucking on my lower lip, and she had her hand between us rubbing my hard swollen cock. I had worked her skirt up over her firm little rump and somehow managed to get my hand between us and slipped it under the waistband of her panties. When she felt

Choto Temple Ch. 07

from the neighborhood and beyond who were wondering what the hell was going on. Probably for two or three blocks in every direction’ ‘You must have recognized a lot of them,’ I suggested. ‘Oh yeah, that was also really weird. I recognized at least several dozen. Out of the hundreds that were within view of my bedroom window on the second floor.


up and smiled “I don’t want you to cum just yet okay?” I nodded to her as all words had left me then she got on the bed on her belly with her sweet round bottom raised up high it was so inviting but I wanted to make love to her face to face the first time so I gently turned her over and got on top of her she spread her legs for me and wrapped

The call girl

naked. She had big full tits and a nice round firm ass. This gave her top earning power. She got paid by the hour. She was his for the hour to do as he needed. She loved sucking a cock and also loved anal sex. Many men had wives who would not do the things she would or have the sexy body she had. Tonight a man was coming and had reserved two

Welcome Home

on her mother’s arm. Ann was wearing a full, knee length skirt with a print blouse.   Patty let out a scream the instant she saw Billy come around the corner and down the corridor. She broke from her mom’s arm, ran and jumped up on Billy causing him to drop his carryon to keep from dropping Patty. She threw her arms around his neck and legs

The Ravishing of Constance Ch. 06

is true, she was a lissome and lovely creature. Your age when she married Father, so she would be younger than Eva if she’d lived. Blonde and fair … why wouldn’t I want to have a go at her?’ ‘You’re a filthy abomination, Robert.’ ‘At least I know what I am and what I like, while you seek to deny your true nature. Take it to heart, Constance, you

Hypnotizing the Babysitter Ch. 01

on my bedside table. She picked them up and glanced at them, each in turn, before setting them back down. ‘Pretty powerful stuff,’ she commented. ‘They’d be better if they actually worked,’ I said morosely. ‘You’re familiar with them?’ She nodded. ‘Three of them. I had that problem myself, not long ago.’ She let the comment hang for a few


of his attraction as I’m sure you can understand. He’d dealt drugs for a few years on my college campus and my parents had loathed him, which only added to his attraction. We’d been married a year now, and things had been going really well. I loved him dearly, and he loved me. "Do you have a first name Mrs Foster?" Mr Harrow asked. "Megan."

For A Few Extra Bucks, part 2

film. The spankings had been very painful, indeed, and the humiliation of suffering through it with all the people on set was indescribable. But, Ed would gladly suffer those spankings again to get to this point. As it turns out, it was a good thing he felt that way. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ With Ed’s company on the cusp of filing its Initial Public Offering

The Woodman

way, and had the most expressive sparkling eyes. The top of his head was bald, and the tufts of hair he had around the sides, untidily sprouted from beneath a very well use baseball cap. He was a scruffy man, and predominantly wore old t-shirts, and baggy sweatpants. The bulge in front of the pants always flopped about jauntily, accentuated by a

Young Lovers: Part 2

made her way out of the room and Edward got out of the bed. Shortly after and with no intention of putting any clothes on, he followed Bryony out of the room. Bryony smiled, as she saw Edward walking into the room, his hard cock hanging between his legs, “Well if you are going to wear no clothes, then that means I am allowed to as well!” Her

Some Secrets Of My Time In Lebanon

amused at my discomfiture, not least because she glanced at my erection beginning to be obvious in my trousers."Ne voulez alarme pas!" she laughed. But I was. (I'll stop using French now; I've forgotten so much!)Safiya is, if you can imagine, a blue eyed, black haired beauty with a figure like a Sofia Loren who has toiled in the fields. Strong,

victorias story

Just as the doors were beginning to close a hand shot between the doors and a blonde slipped on board, pressed the button for her floor and turned to face Vickey, giving the twenty three year old a quick once over. The blonde was dressed in a dark blue woman’s business suit, accompanied by tasteful black pumps and a white silk blouse. She would

A Blissful Workout Part 1: Prologue

she came to her senses she looked at her friend adoringly and whispered, "Thank you. Thank you so much. I need to repay you, but I've never gone down on a girl before. Please, just tell me what to do."Cassidy smirked. "Won't your boyfriend be expecting you?""Who cares?"The blonde's smirk widened as she slid off the white, silken panties beneath

Villains: Remember The Name

it came to seeing women for what they were. I’m gay. I don’t lust after women so my judgment isn’t clouded when I’m dealing with them. They can’t tell me two plus two equaled five, the way they could with straight men. I ran from campus, all the way to my apartment on Emerald Street, a seedy neighborhood on North Main Street in Brockton. I lay in

Call Him

down.”“He sounds so nice. Why did you do that?”“Because I never got over him spurning me.”‘Hell hath no fury like that of a woman spurned,’ I thought.“Maybe there was a reason he spurned you. Perhaps he loved another woman at the time. It might have been more appropriate for you to admire his fidelity than to hate him.”“I don’t know,” she said,

A Sorcerer in Downtown Atlanta - Epilogue

us.”Henry shrugged. “It comes down to trust, especially in times like these. We just discovered one of our best men was a turncoat. We’ve still got to sort out who can and can’t be trusted. But I’m certain of one thing: we can trust you two. Both of you have amazing instincts. Hell, Dave was right on the money about the Illuminati from the

Here with Me Ch. 02

circles on her clit, and it takes all of Elizabeth’s strength to keep from moaning, from crying out his name, then she squeals softly as he repeatedly taps the receptive nub at the top of her sex. He starts slowly, then increases the speed at which he stimulates her, then his voice rough against her ear says, ‘Hurry up, baby, people are getting


up odd assets, don’t you?”“I have never heard it put quite that way before, but with your current experiences with me, I can see the wisdom and humor in that statement.”“I meant no insult to you or him by that comment of mine. I think that there are highly valuable persons in many trades not usually associated with the wealthy and famous.”“Just,

Gaydar? What gaydar?

Hon. Lilly Caterham had been my best and closest and loyalist friend. She had become captain of the school hockey team, Head Girl and my protector from all the bitchy things girls say about lesbians. They were the sorts of things that people who like to believe in the mythical rampant lesbianism of such English schools would never believe. I’d

The Stranger in My Bed

slowly, she encompassed me in her tight heat, her lip caught between her teeth and her lusty gaze trained on me. I was certain that my face was twisted up in some kind of pleasure induced grimace. There was a sort of tightening in my groin, and I gripped her hips, lifting her just an inch or two off my lap. “I don't want to hurt you,” I murmured

She Hooked Me-part two: Your Blood is Mine

her and see her lips wrapped around your rock hard cock, sucking on it so hard that words cannot describe the pleasure. Wait, what did she say after you blew your load in that woman’s mouth? She said, “Oh shit! That was close.” What did she mean by that, you ask yourself? But as you wonder about this, the craving creeps back in and the hunger to

Handjob rewards - Part 3

if this sexy woman had looked close enough though she would have noticed his underwear around his knees. I kept a firm grasp of my Son's cock but I had slowed my stroking. I was ever so delicately teasing just the head now."Hello Mrs Wilson, I'm Jaime's Mother. Jamie has told me all about you." I said.I leaned even further across my Son to offer

Tickets please!

the station, but judging by the speed the driver was maintaining there shouldn’t be much of a delay, thank goodness. Even though I hated my job and boss I needed the money desperately. With a sigh, I turned away from the dreary grey outside and tried to make myself comfortable on the little fold down seat. The train wasn’t busy, but I needed to

A Day in Gotham – Batgirl Wishes Pt. 03

fingers finally trapped her nipple, and squeezed it playfully. ‘Oh God!’ she spluttered, half in exasperation as the fingers continued to work at her hardening nipple, ‘…look Dick…I’m going to have to go…Barbara’s arrived, and you know how annoying she can be!! I’ll see you at eleven at the cafe …bye love!’ Now it was Batgirl’s turn to gasp

Rest Area

he pushed my legs up to my chest, spread my ass cheeks again, and began licking my ass hole.“Oh fuck, that feels great!” I yelled. And it did. Everything he was doing to me felt great. I watched him slurp his tongue all around my brown hole, licking it just as I have done to quite a few pussies. I was in heaven. His licks brought shivers up my

Potion 2

I was getting way too turned on, so I silently returned to my desk. I put my heels back on and make considerable noice as I walked to the white board and started humming as I erased."Hey girls, I think I see Nancy's mom here" My little fib made truth not 2 seconds later. Rustling sounds of tiny sundresses going back in to place, followed by the

Awakenings 10

tried to comfort her,Natasha thought she was going to be sick, the mere fact that he had touched her caused he to almostvomit. Sniffling to hide her revulsion, she reached to May who they had altered her face so that the leader couldn't recognise her. "This was a woman I found on the way in, she is mostly sedated, as per you

The Pee Therapy Nurse

quite hoarse now and I could tell she was highly aroused. Her clit (and she has a very impressive one) was every bit as hard as my cock and it protruded stiffly from beneath its hood like the pink snout of an inquisitive badger. ‘I told you we were going to piss-bathe you outside and in, didn’t I?’ she continued. ‘I’m going to fill your ass… and

Her Sexual Escapade - Part 2

the impending situation. We came back to our room and tried some foreplay but it failed miserably ( I understand that this is supposed to be an erotic story but since I am writing about my experiences I am staying close to the truth). She then made me lie down , bunched up my skirt at my waist and touched my pussy with her fingertip. At this

The Devil's Pact Chapter 36: The God-King

Black woman's face hovered in front of me, urgently speaking to me. It took me a moment to realize it was 51 and I blinked, looking around. There were dents and holes in the roof of my armored limo. In the front seat I saw Leah slumped over the steering wheel, blood staining her back. The bodyguard in the passenger seat was struggling to open the


was the awkward moment in the car, she asked me to walk her to the porch so I did. ‘Thank you, Brad. This was so wonderful.’ She stood there looking like she had no idea of what to do, so I stepped forward and kissed her. Our lips touched, hers were so soft it made my head swim. Her eyes were wide open the whole time, which was maybe three

One Month

presents. Not really much of an anniversary, one month, but what a month it had been.In his apartment he held his out at arm’s length, stretched between forefinger tips. He grinned, there was nothing of it.Two floors down she hung hers from a finger and gazed in surprise at its smallness.His was small too and a vivid electric blue and he pictured


very mild teasing about it from the other girls during gym class. But, they were easy on her because everyone liked Elsie.Henry was a bachelor who lived just a couple of doors down from Elsie and her father. He was one of the first of her customers and was very regular in requesting her services, even during the winter. Just to keep it looking

Glory Holed

door. Cussing I zipped up and opened it a crack. “You’re going to have to pay if you want the room longer,” this big biker looking guy covered it tats told me. I quickly dug in my pocker and handed the money over. He nodded and walked away. I settled back in and got back to work. The second one always takes a while, but if you do it right it

Babygirl Ch2

Breezes don’t behave that way. My god. I’m sure of it now. “Sarah? Have you ever entered the center of the circle?” “No, why?” “Because this is a for real Fairy Circle. If you had entered it improperly, bad thing would happen around you.” “What do you mean? Can you see the fairies?” “No not really. But Fairy Circles are very special

Actress & Me ( Part 9 The Conclusion)

Shannon and I filled in the missing blanks. We both told the audience on how we first met at the Sands Hotel, and how she surprised me over the fourth of July with her visit. Then I visited her over Thanksgiving, and she returned the visit over Christmas. How we packed my things up and I headed out west with her. We describe in a little more

My Dirty Little Secret (10)

expectations. I guess, being a teenager, I preferred a voice that sounded more my age.So anyway, I knew Mike was wearing gloves because I could feel that rough surface every time he touched me.“SHIT!” he commanded, “Let me cover my cock in it, you whore!”I was lying face down on a sheet he’d bought and I could feel him towering over me. We were

State v Private

and thirteen of these children came from private schools. Now, you can call that coincidence if you wish, but when you compare the quality of education in the two schools I saw, then it doesn’t take a genius to work it out. The private schools are largely church run, and almost exclusively managed by Mzungu (Europeans). Here we demand a better

I am the Very Model of a Modern Male Bisexual – Part 2

That would come in my first post-grad year when I was 22. I can tell you that it suited me, rounded me out sexually. In those four years, I had about 110 male sexual partners. Give or take. I routinely gave 25-30 blowjobs a week. The surprise, I suppose, is that I was nowhere near the sexually active guy like me on campus. I knew guys who

The Innocent Neighbor Girl Part V

her, guiding my dick into her freshly fucked hole. Nok kept her eyes fixed on me as I pushed into her with ease. I looked at her and whispered, ready for more cum? She nodded, moaning, yes give it all to me. I almost chuckled at her innocent response, her pussy extremely wet and hot from her juices, and Isamu jizz. I held her hips in place as I

Lake Cabin - Part 4

me to her house and asked me to have sex with her. She needed assurance she was still an attractive, desirable woman more than anything else.BACK TO THE PRESENTI had arrived back at the cabin after my time with Cindy and discovered a note from Sammy saying she had missed me when she had come by to do the housekeeping. She said that she had

Tale of two mothers. ch 9.

an enormous, asshole-busting prick."Shove it in deep," she gasped. She grimaced as she felt her assholestretching open, sucking and gripping around Henry's cock. "Oh, honey,my asshole's still so horny! Fuck it good, Henry! Unh, unh, my hotlittle asshole's horny all the time!"Henry started thrusting, hammering in his cock. In and in the

The New Life (Prologue)

it, he got a completely different shock. In the middle of the room stood Jamie, her face crunched up in disgust, holding up a pair of her panties. “What’s the matter sweetie?” “I found these on my floor and they’re icky!” Mikael walked over to Jamie and took the panties in his hand. As soon as he touched them, he felt how sticky and moist they

my girlfriend and her sister PART 2

her sisters ass was all he needed to blow. He thrusted another inch into Emily and started cumming. Emily screamed by the extra penetration and the new feeling of cum in her ass. Mike pulled his cock out and pumped it with his hand spurting some cum onto the outside of her ass. After he came down. Seanna went behind her sister and started eating

The Company Retreat

moment. The paddle across the calm water to the camp, with Mary sitting quietly in the bow of the canoe as the ducks flew by, that was the moment. He let it burn into his brain, never to be forgotten until his dying day. ‘Are all the men in Texas this…big?’ Mary said, stroking Sturgill’s hard cock with her slender fingers. Her head was on his

Other Colors - Ch. 25

“back in Nags Head. I was swimming near the pier. It came out of nowhere, and just... carried me away,” I furrowed my brow, remembering, and drew a slow, blue eddy in the water. “I couldn’t stop it. No matter how much I wanted to. And I remember, I was terrified, right up until the moment I realized I was going to die.”The wind whistled in the

Office Politics

on his buttock with a sharp ‘Thwack’. ‘Ouch, that hurt!’ ‘Don’t be a coward – take your punishment like a man.’ Linda brought the whip down again and again, harder each time. Suddenly, and for no reason, she stopped. Removing the plug, she untied his hands and pointed to his clothes saying ‘You can get dressed now.’ He did as he was told,

Training a Lover

bucking against my mouth, while I resolutely kept it pressed against her loins. I now slurped her tangy juices as she came and came beneath my head, before I felt her relaxing. “Oh my God, Lance,” she then exclaimed looking down at me, “you’re on the floor!” “I just wanted some rug burns to go along with my other scars,” I smiled with a wet

The Mysterious Tentacle Forest Alien

The alien could prevent me from cumming with using its tentacle and sucking up every last drop of cum inside of me. As it reached morning, the alien had pumped every drop of cum out of me which was ready to explode everywhere. Whilst the alien was ready to spray litres of cum all in and over me. The alien stopped every bit of movement as I heard

The Proposition: Obligations Met

sore pussy. Jenny leaned her back against my chest and laid her head on my shoulder. As I tenderly caressed between her legs, I lathered her pubic mound and its bush. “Jenny, when you get to feeling a little better, if you wouldn't mind, please shave your pussy. I have always preferred bald pussy.” She smiled up at me and said, “That will be

A new job with a special duty

watching with a smile on his face. If he wanted to watch, it was OK with me. Jill’s pussy was dripping wet and I easily planted my flagpole in the entrance. I expected to fall into an older woman’s long used pussy but she was surprisingly tight and I actually had to push a little to get in. Jill looked at me, “You’re bigger than Don so I

A Dusty Memory

but her own life to protect. Cloud didn’t regret her choices. Given the chance, she’d go through it again if it would mean saving her mother. How many years Cloud had lived with the abuse her stepfather had dealt out, she didn’t quite remember. But she did remember, clear as day, when this picture had been taken. It had been a day of both good

My first time with anna

aah, ah!" she warned as I tried to slip my hands under the legs of her skimpy shorts. " Ill be in charge of what you get tonight mister." She stood up looking at me with a slight pout about her face, my cock still standing, now wet from her spit. She walked to her nightstand and picked up her phone. Before I knew what she was doing she snapped a

Virtual Slavery Ch. 03

said that I ought to quit, that I would have to choose between our marriage and my career. Perhaps I should have. My total compensation my first year as a full partner was about the same as Winston’s net worth. But it wasn’t about money. This was my identity, this is what I had worked for all my life, and I wanted to enjoy it. That was a year

He Was My Teacher PT 2

anyone know that we were doing such a thing as this. His finger drove deep into me flicking against my velvet walls as my knees were about to collapse, my teeth digging further into his skin as he pushed his finger deep into me. I let out a low groan which made him slap my ass hard, leaving a read mark. “You’re gonna get it now, bitch.” He pushed

Breaking All The Rules, part 2.

once was so long ago. Laying on my back I thought of the freshly rolled joint and the beer I left in my living room. She’s laying beside me with her eyes closed, I leaned on my elbow observing her pretty face, her face had the look of pure satisfaction. I kissed her on her lips, she opened her eyes and smiled. “Would you like that glass of wine

The October House

to a party with some of my friends who lived farther out in the country. Halloween was on a Sunday and Trick-or-Treating would be that night. The party was at Sarah’s house and it was two days early so we could all go out on Sunday. It was still a Halloween party and I was dressed in a Princess costume my mother had made for me Long pink dress, a


my reply. She typed a quick, polite thank you, and goodbye to me, turned off her laptop and slid her ass off her chair. She spread her legs and played with her wet pussy, to the images in her mind of being bound and fucked. It didn’t take very long for her to climax. ~ Over the next week, Amber checked for new emails from me every hour on the

Sometimes Fantasies Do Come True

fantasies. She was telling me that they both get really turned on for her to “accidentally” let other guys get a peak at her either up her skirt or a delivery guy seeing her in her panties and bra or some other similar scenario. She would tell me about these happenings and then ask if I thought that was bad or did I think she was a slut for doing

Jillian Ch. 03

another story… Not that we don’t occasionally have sex during the weekdays, but if we do, I am not necessarily a “Dom,” or even a participant. Evenings and weekends are another story. Weekdays we operate the house as equals with each doing what we are best at doing. At 7PM all that equality ends and I become the Master again, although, except for

My wife Anna adventure #2

cunt which was gaping open as she sat on the edge of the bed, and immediately began undoing his pants. As he stepped forward towards her and pulled his pants and boxers down, an enormous black cock popped out. It was only semi-erect, but already about 8 inches and thick as a cucumber. Anna instinctively reached out and wrapped her tiny fingers

Obey Him – Part One

cluttering my desk. I figure it is just another ‘get together’ the girls from the office do once in a while. My job is filing paperwork and mostly computer stuff. It keeps me away from people, which is what I like most about my job. I can faintly smell the scent of a man from the envelope, which sends a shiver down my spine. In it, is a single

A Clean Well-Lighted Place

Meagan. ‘Sir, would you care to see the pantry?’, she asked breathlessly. ‘Yes, I would.’ She led me to an an area to the left of the kitchen that contained silverware, bowls, condiments, and beverages. There was no door to this area, but it was positioned so that it was out of sight to those in the restaurant. You want me, Meagan, more than you

Werewolf Girl

to make his death quick and painless. A strong snap of her jaws to the back of his neck when he turned around to pick up his shirt. He never even knew it was happening. Vera transformed the rest of the way as she fed, gorging herself on the warm, rich meat. When she could hold no more the young man’s body was a red ruin of bones and flesh on the

Avenging Angel chapter 9

Rioja. Mandy took off her Helene Berman large-plaid coat to reveal a Studio 8 Raquel dress and Sole Diva block heel sandals. Her delicate necklace bore a Tree of Life pendant. I hadn’t known she could make herself look so fucking good. She hugged me and kissed my cheek, and her smile said you and I buy from the same store, darling, but my

Laid into the River Ch. 01

green eyes. She was about 5’5? and slim. ‘Oh, Jill, I’m so happy to have a sister! I’m so sorry for your losses and I hope that things will turn out the best for you, sweetheart!’ Grace said joyfully. ‘Oh…why…thank you so much…I really appreciate it…’ Jill said in a very sad tone. ‘Dad’s going to be working late tonight so you’ll meet him later,

Silent Wank

as a light midnight breeze drifted in through the slightly open window at his bedside. He savoured the feeling, letting the air cool him and calm him down. Heavily and silently he breathed, his heart decelerating only in the slightest increments. Staring up at the black ceiling, he recounted the glorious dream from which he had awoke, grinning.

my first granny

but surprisingly well shaped for her age. She told me to come and lie down beside her on the bed. I lay down and I traced my fingertips all over her tummy, around her belly button, up and around her breasts. I cupped a small, soft breast in each hand, gently squeezing her tits until her tiny nipples stood erect. I tweaked her nipples pulling them

Taylor catches Repairman sniffing her dirty panties

unwanted odors. He also says that blonds and red heads tend to have thinner and silkier pubic hair. He says that women with darker pubic hair usually have thicker; less silky pubic hair. He says women of color have thick course pubic hair that irritates his mouth and lips, so he usually passes on eating them.Taylor says he must have hundreds of

Skateboarding Sis

hurt her."Yeah, just wasn't expecting you to be so big," she whimpered, as she squirmed in discomfort while biting the pillow. From that point on, I took it nice and slow, carefully feeding inch after solid inch into her silky shitter. Tracy even helped by using her rectal muscles to force her asshole to bulge, making it easier for me to slide in

Hot summer biker

kinds of stuff. After a bit, she said, "Oh Staci, you haven't put on any sunblock at all. I already have some; want me to do you?""Okay," I said, "lets hop out and I can lay on the lounger."I lay flat on my stomach and Aunt Marie squirted the lotion into her hands. She worked my feet and legs. Her soft hands were caressing my skin had me so

Caught in the rain

But soon, you enter me. hard and fast. I let out a sound, a cross between shock and pain and love. You pull out. you thrust in. You feel every inch of my tightness around you as you fill me completely as only you can. You thrust, in and out, your hands on my hips, guiding me back and forth. I buck against you, grinding into you, complementing our

Bored In Yellowstone

because he wouldn’t. His sex life was nothing compared to mine and he knew it.We were not going to let Dad get us down so every morning and afternoon we took off to enjoy Mother Nature at her finest, naked. Mom would watch or take picture of Stacey and I making love then I would take pictures of them making love right afterwards. Stacey felt

Bigger is better

telling me she’d be right out. All the chairs in the main salon were covered with those aprons they throw over you, and I thought I’d hear that it was to late. A young woman, maybe twentyfive, came out of the back room. She had long, blonde-streaked dark wavy hair, bright blue eyes and full lips. Quite pretty overall. She was also quite large.

Sweetand Inocent Shelley…Pt two

find the strength. One by one all 11 girls sucked his cock, when the seventh was sucking him, he slipped his hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy, the first few that he hadnt touched wanted him to touch them too, so he obliged, Tracy was back in front of him and she closed her hand around his cock and started pumping her hand up and down,

In The Dark

Before it was about my pleasure, and now it’s his turn. I roll my hips against him as he fucks me, pushing myself forward to meet his thrusts. “Come on!” I urge. “Fuck me!” “Oh, God, that feels so fucking goooood!” I hear him grunting as his cock hammers into me, his breath hot in my ear. Our hips slap together in a fast, fleshy rhythm. He speeds

Our circle widens

and Julie. After our last evening with Harvey and Jake, Sherry and I were at the kitchen table having dinner and she brought up that evening and said, ‘I think we need another woman in this group. Three of you were just too much, and I was completely fucked out by taking on all of you. Jake is so large I am not sure I want that as a steady diet.

Our New Resident

He just doesn't take much interest anymore. I wonder if he's got a girlfriend on the side, there is a secretary at his office that I've wondered about. Any way, well, it's been over a month since I'd had sex and, well, I just never expected this to happen. I just came in and, well, you…oh, and when mom had an orgasm, well, I just wanted one, too,

Erica and Jillian

off all the lights. She entered the room carrying a single candle placing it on the dresser before disappearing only to return shortly with nothing on while using both hands to conceal that hidden part of her. Quickly she slid into bed beside me as I heard little sounds of delight coming from deep within her throat. We lay there looking up at the

Isabelle and mr. Bête ch. 07

salad.’ ‘Thank you..’ she said and watched him while he cut the greens, made the dressing and stir-fried the small strips of beef. When he served it she wanted to ravish it like a hungry wolf, but she waited until he’d start. He looked idly at the table until her eyes pleaded for him to eat. Then he gave her his usual little smug smile and she

Damn, Another Frustrating Night

me up and carried me into his bedroom. He stood me up and reached around and unzipped my skirt. He then slid it down to my ankles and I stepped out of it. He started unbuttoning my blouse. When it was open he stepped back and looked at my lacy bra. Reaching around undid the bra. I let both fall off my arms. He leaned down and started sucking on

A New Life Begins Ch. 01

cucumber slices and beauty mud. She quickly ran to the bathroom hoping her nakedness was not seen. ‘Here you go, Mistress.’Myra handed Kara the cucumber slices. Myra began to rub in the mud on Kara’s soft face. She instructed her to lay back and put the cucumber slices on her eyes. She had never done this at home, but she had read and often

Everbody Loves Sue

Sue without Alan knowing. He had decided not to study further and had a job as a trainee store manager for a large chain. They had the flat above one of the stores and he earned enough money to allow Sue to be a lady of leisure. The only drawback was that one room of the flat was used as an office for his area manager Donald. I spent most of

A Birthday Surprise

Kendra, I’m sorry that I’ve hurt you. What we had was great. But, we both know that it’s time to move on. I hope that someday you can look back on this and not hate me. M That was the umpteenth time that I’ve read the note this past month. Each time I read the note, there were less tears and more anger. I worked my ass off at the Sugar Shack

Birthday to Remember

rose or down to her clit. Normally, she would do about anything for anal stimulation, but she was so horny that she wanted orgasms and she wanted them now. She had slept in the nude hoping to encourage him last night, but he had gone to sleep almost instantly upon hitting the pillow. That made six nights in a row. She couldn’t remember the last

Emma Ch. 06

her vulva pointing directly towards Charlotte. ‘Are you off now?’ she asked Charlotte softly. Charlotte nodded and made to leave through the door. ‘Don’t leave so fast!’ cried Emma who pulled herself up from under Molly who was too engrossed to disengage herself and ran up to Charlotte. She gave Charlotte a hug and a kiss. ‘I hope your day goes

the seminar

kissed her ass all over taking small nips if the flesh. She could see Jane was getting very excited so she inserted four finger in her cunt. She continued fucking her ass and cunt with the f***e which was rocking Jane’s small body. As Jane came several times, Pam pulled the vibe from her ass. Next Pam got a dildo from her case and put it on Jane.

Caught, Used and Loving it Part 2

to the door. As I pulled it open I realised my mistakes. Firstly, I had presumed that it was her when in fact it was a UPS delivery man. Secondly, I was all dressed in female clothes but had no makeup or my wig, so it was obvious I was male. The UPS man smiled at me and said, ‘Here is your parcel Cathy, can you sign for it please S… I mean

Chatting Threesome

who I have been talking to for a year, decide we will meet and actually have an endeavor. I am so excited and get myself ready. I make sure I am completely waxed and that my pussy is looking her best. We have exchanged pictures and clips, so I know exactly what I will be playing with, and am so very excited. We decide that we will act out one of

Me and He

I’ve always toldMy deepest feelings toMy thoughts and dreamsBut my feelings for him alteredDeep within our relationship’s seamsSo as we made our way to my homeSafely we arrivedI told him calmly, warmlyTo come insideI went to change my clothesAnd returned to findHis half naked bodySoon sitting next to mineWe talked for a bitLaughed some tooBut he

John and Julie

a small bathroom in one corner. There was a sofa and a couple of chairs in the ‘living room’ and a television on a rickety table next to the door. One wall had a ‘kitchen’ with a two burner gas stove, sink and small refrigerator. Counter space and storage space were minimal. The ‘dining room’ area had a tiny table and two chairs. That was it. No

Power And Manipulation

neighborhood. It was a very warm mid-July afternoon. He, his new wife, Janet, and her beautiful daughter, Janice, had moved to the city around three months ago. It was a gorgeous area of Tallahassee, filled with stunning homes and lush landscapes. After running a few errands, Kevin drove toward Holland Street to pick up Janice, who was visiting

Christmas Eve

hard to achieve this new position. The occupational therapists had a hard time slowing him down so he didnt cause additional damage to his body by doing too much. Miguel no longer felt the angel visit him at night, but he knew she was there. Perhaps it was the fragrance that seemed to linger floral tones with a hint of sandalwood. It was the only

I Dominus: Power

her body close, and her full breasts brushed against my arm. It was a knowing tease that made my cock twitch. I felt the handle of the leather whip being dragged gently down my back. “You have a very sexy body, Puppy-bear. How much pain can you endure before using your safe word?” She cooed as she said the word “pain.” I didn’t answer her.

Wife Forced To Cheat 2

gripped the desk harder as she edged toward her first orgasm. She was going to explode from all the stimulation. That is exactly what she did. Mrs. Rivers could feel Zach inserting another finger as she climaxed on his hand. Her body was shaking all over and her legs turned to jello and she was barely able to stand. Her head was cocked back and

The Unexpected Client Chapter 4

The proper motivation works wonders doesn’t it? So. Would you like to?”. “Oh yes. God, I would love to. Yes please”. Serena smiled. “I told you. I make fantasies come true. But first lets both take a bath. I want to be nice a clean for when you eat me again, right before you push your rock hard cock deep into my tight little ass, ok?”

A Dane story

in her. "OHHH JESUS. she hissed.. She was going to come again as the dog's big cock fucked her relentlessly. I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm," she screamed. She thought she was going to pass out it was so extreme. She now was so weak she could hardly move. Butch continued fucking her. She couldn't take another one are she would pass out, she thought.

Confessions, Part 2

It sent shivers down my spine. I had to have him. I needed to have him. "Father?" I asked softly. "Yes my child?" a small, hesitant voice said. "What if I told you I have unpure thoughts of you and me? I saw the way you were looking at me on Sunday and saw the big effect (little giggle) it had on you. I’ve been thinking about that cock of yours


it. I’d like to talk to you, but I have to be at the country club for a lesson with Steve in half an hour.”Sandra laughed, “I wouldn’t hurry if I were you. He’s here in bed with me and he’s still asleep. I think I wore him out last night. Thanks for that, too. He’s really a wonderful person...and a pretty good lover, too.”I laughed and laughed.

Mom & Daughter Cum Together Part 1

her face Josees legs and lick her sweet wet cunt lips. She wanted to run her tongue up her daughters cunt and lick that pretty ass. Instead, she plunged her finger into her cunt. Oh fuck mommy your dildo feels so good inside my little cunt, Josee grunted, pounding the dildo deep into her. Oh mommy its so long and so hard and I love it in my cunt!

Coming Home to Visit Pt 1

room, loving the idea of leaving the lights off. Spreading her legs, she let the water pressure tease her. So horny, so unsatisfied. Her clit throbbed with need. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the teasing of hot water pulsing on her thighs... her slit. Her free hand traveling to her heavy breast, she pinched and pulled the nipple, sighing with a

My Hot Stepmom 2

are one lucky mother fucker.” I was thinking to myself, 'Oh only if you knew how close you are.' I shut the door, turned around and “Holly” was standing there looking so fucking hot. I walked over to her, kissing her with a long, deep kiss. She said, “God I have missed you, could hardly wait to come back.” I dropped my towel and lay across the

The Stranger

and gently spun her around to untie her wrists. Whats your name? he asked. She turned, rubbing her newly freed wrists, and glanced uneasily up at him and then back at the ground again. Lily, she replied quietly. Your clothes are pretty torn up, and my apartment is just a block away. Come with me and Ill give you something to wear. It sounded

Chapter II Start at the Bottom, Work Your Way Up

and rubbing my now bare chest sensuously as I could feel Lori’s hot breath in my ear, and I then also felt Sasha’s tiny hands slowly, gently, sensually, reaching up inside my boxers and feeling my balls, which were by now pulled up tightly on the verge of emptying themselves at any second.“Well, Ms. Blackmoore, I do feel his balls are very tight

The Vine Pt 5

other girls harder they get louder. Another vine starts tying up their legs in the spread position. June rolls over to the nearest girl and gets between her legs to lick and feast on her pussy as the vine shares by moving out and entering her ass. The girl gasps and others follow as each gets a small vine in the ass and it starts expanding


forced back into her, a fanny fart was out of the question, with the girth of his cock there just wasn’t the room, she sensed the air welling inside her, sooner or later she felt she’d burst.Bert hadn’t undertaken such employment with a female in years; he was going to blow, and blow he would. This was one fucking she’d never forget, he needed

Computer Man Pt2

bra. Her pert little tits were firm nipples erect and ready for my touch. “I need you to undo my shorts and suck on my cock Rosanna; can you do that for me?”She slowly stooped down undid my shorts and allowed them to fall to the floor, grasping my cock she looked at it for a few moments, then licked the pre cum that had leaked out while I was

I Touch Myself

‘I don’t want this, Anne. You don’t either. You’re just… under His spell.’ ‘I know, Leigh.’ Anne laughed softly, seductively. ‘I know I’m being made to like this through His control. But we’re all conditioned somehow, Leigh. Society conditions us to want to be this weight, this height, wear this style of clothes, eat at McDonald’s, watch Brad

The Intern

a great sense of humor and was cute beyond all belief.  I slipped out of the office and down the hallway to where the executive Vice-President for Sales had his office. “Tell Tom,” I said to Bethany, Tom’s secretary, “That I’m going out on a call and will be back later or in the morning.” “Are you taking your intern with you?” Bethany inquired.

Annies Journey Ch.3

at the same time thinking about what might happen that night.. We got to the restaurant about 8 o’clock and were taken to the private dining room we had reserved. My two colleagues from the office were there already along with my clients Tom and Eric. When we walked in, the guys stopped talking and just looked at me with smiles on their face. I

Katie Has a Dream

subject. "You picked truth, now tell me the truth. Have you ever cheated on my sister?" She came out of her closet wearing only a small black and pink pair of panties and a tank top that left little to the imagination. I could see her hard nipples poking through the fabric. I felt my cock begin to harden. "Yes. A couple of times, but she knows

Joey and his Bullies 5

silenced when little Jake squatted his naked stinky rear end into Joey face. The boys laughed and laughed. Smell it! Smell my butt you fucking pig! Jake then proceeded to run his smooth butt up and down Joeys pretty face. You like that? You like how it smells fag? I swear to god you better say yes or every boy in this room is going to beat you

Bugs Bunny

Hugging the counter I begged him to fuck me like a bitch in heat. That night my arse got fucked twice more, as load after load of juice gave my manhole its well-earned sustenance. For the following five months I played the role of Bugs Bunny. I came to love that guard house, and couldn’t wait to please my horticultural master. Johnson never

That Motorcycle Trip - Parts One and Two

color, a nearly perfect match for Jon Sr.’s steely masterful member. It lives, lusts and breathes in the drawer beside my bed. I still use it at least five times a week; and every time I use it I make love to Jon Sr. again. In my fantasies, my virile lover always treats me like the secret insatiable slut I really am inside. That Motorcycle Trip

In the Rain

unless it happened immediately, we’d still have time. When I positioned myself between her luscious legs, I took a moment to admire the beauty before me, soon to be beneath me. However, I wasn’t about to spend too long, because I felt the waves at my feet, and was sure that soon they’d be far higher. With no necessary preliminaries, I pushed

Anna’s First Time

this is a real first time story When I was 11 my parents had these friends who lived out in the country, they had a daughter named Michelle who was 3 years older than me (14). Every 3-months we would go out to their farm and spend a weekend with them, of course I would always stay in Michelle’s room whenever we did. Michelle taught me how to ride

I Am The Bug

her up good and properly. While my hands were under her blouse she unhooked her bra in the back and raised it up to give me better access. Then she raised her blouse and told me to look at them and suck on them too. Again with her instructions we both enjoyed ourselves. Her huge melons just sat there in my hands like two giant bowls of Jell-O.

Learning to Swim (Part 2)

for me to have lessons but Miss Phillips, the attractive and very hot teacher, had the parent’s permission to spank me, Ed or any of the three girls if we did not do what she told us. We were all the same age but she had caned both Sarah and I on our bare backsides during this lesson and because I had been unable to control my erection she had

Sis and I

made a quick getaway but bumped into Sheena in the hallway. My cock was at its full length and hard as a rock, it dumped right into Sheena’s stomach. “Ouch!, What is that?” she asked. She looked down and saw my cock trying to push through my shorts. I thought her eyes were gunna pop out. Sheena looked into the bathroom and notice Jen walking out


she said, looking down at his still rigid member “What are we going to do with that”. She reached out with the tips of her fingers and lightly caressed the reddish purple tip, making his cock twitch. He watched the passion return to her face. She leaned over slightly and, grasping his shaft with her left hand, she cupped her right breast with her

Vacation memories

on the island, but most importantly, just enjoyed being with each other 24/7. We arrived at the house, unlocked the door and opened up the doors to that beautiful Carribean breeze that seems to bring the stress level down to just about zero. We unpacked the groceries from town and poured a couple drinks, a Capatin and diet for me and scotch on

LOVE HIM Chapter 3 (My Lips on Cody’s Cock)

soft and sensual Cody took to my lips like a cat does to catnip and passionately embrace I guided his restless body into a scented blanket of Indian wildflowers. More Chapters Still to Come LOVE HIM Chapter 4 (Pounding Hearts Pounding Ass) LOVE HIM Chapter 5 (Show Go) Read the earlier chapters LOVE HIM Chapter 1 Cody LOVE HIM Chapter 2 (Hung